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Fantastic, patients love it especially the online prescription request, they like the how easy and simple it is to use and they don't have to wait until the surgery is open to make an appointment. Reception staff have more time to do other tasks, I as practice manager, appreciate the prompt service. Well done for producing a super product!

– Jane Smith, Practice Manager, Munduring Medical Centre (WA)

This is a terrific tool for patients, and our Practice and staff. Patients are able to make appointments 24 hours a day at a time that suits them. They do not have to wait in a phone queue, which not only saves them time but frees up the phones and saves reception staff time enabling them to deal with other tasks.

– Stephen Ross, Bendigo Medical Centre (VIC)

This app is so much easier than calling ... So simple and incredibly easy. Highly recommend. We make all our family appointments this way.

– Victoria Sparkles (patient)

The DocAppointments system is working well … It is excellent and patient feedback is great – we really do see this as an important adjunct to our front desk.

– Dr Leeb, Illawarra Medical Centre (WA)

Advantages to your Practice

Advantages for patients and your practice Advantages for patients and your practice (820 KB)

Advantages and step-by-step info for practice managers using the online management tool Advantages and step-by-step info for practice managers using the online management tool (554 KB)

Step-by-step info for online appointments Step-by-step info for online appointments (696 KB)

Step-by-step info for iPhone, iPad and Android smart phone appointments Step-by-step info for iPhone, iPad and Android smart phone appointments (633 KB)

Patients will have 24-hours-a-day access to appointments online, but you will still maintain control over which appointments are shown as available.

You nominate the Doctors and the appointments that are available online. You designate the appointments you wish to be available online as "Internet" in your PracSoft or Best Practice software – no extra training is required for your receptionist.

Appointments can be specifically made available for companies and employers, for workers' compensation appointments – you can choose to specify workers' compensation appointments only, if you desire.

Patients can make appointments using their iPhone, iPad or Android smart phone, by downloading the FREE App from the Apple iTunes store, Android Market or Google Play stores. Search for 'docappointments'.

Appointments made online receive a FREE email confirmation with the location, time and Doctor chosen. Appointments made with the iPhone/iPad/Android Apps are automatically saved into the phone's calendar, so that patients will receive an automatic reminder 'one day' and 'one hour' before the appointment. Please note that these are NOT SMS messages, so there is no cost to your Practice.

Practice Managers can choose to block any patient from making appointments.

Each individual Practitioner can accept new patients or can restrict their online appointments to their own existing patients only.

Reduce the number of calls for an 'urgent' appointment. Avoid the morning rush for an urgent appointment – your receptionists will thank you!

Potentially reduce the need for extra reception staff – significant reductions in labour.

This frees up your reception staff to deal with patients present in your practice – improving patient satisfaction.

Compliant with new accreditation standards for appointments.

Improves communication with patients – you have the option of emailing patients information about their past or upcoming appointment.

Makes patient registration easy, in line with latest government changes to health care (proposed diabetic registration scheme).

Includes the ability to bill 'no show' patients, maximising your cash flow and reducing a financial loss.

Offering the ability for same day appointments for workers' compensation will attract new business partners, which means more patients for your Practice – offering you an edge over your competition.

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