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New prescription request feature, at no extra cost to your Practice

Sunday, November 10, 2013

We are delighted to announce a NEW feature to DocAppointments! Your patients can now request a prescription. This new feature is part of our ongoing development and improvements processes and is at no extra cost to your Practice.

How does it work:

1. The patient logs in and can choose to make an appointment or click on the 'request prescription' button:


2. The patient selects the family member, their Doctor, plus writes their medication type and dosage. Then when they click the 'request prescription', the request is sent to the surgery and the patient receives a confirmation:


3. The confirmation:


4. The Practice Managers' Admin screen. This allows you to see the settings that we recommend. Please note the tick boxes in the lower-right corner, stating that the Doctor is online, whether they accept new patients, show 'all' free appointments automatically online, and if they accept the script requests. These settings can be varied for each individual Doctor, with one single click. With these settings, the system operates in 'fully automatic' mode, with no intervention required from receptionists (for online appointments). The request script workflow is detailed below:


5. From the Practice Admin screen above, the receptionist clicks 'prescription requests' button, which allows them to see the prescription request control panel, below. This contains a list of all Doctors selected to accept prescriptions. And by clicking on 'print prescription requests list', the receptionist can print or export a list of prescriptions for each individual Doctor (refer to #6 below):


6. Printing:


7. Completed. Once the receptionist picks up the scripts, they return to the prescription request control panel and can choose to click 'set status as completed' which will send a confirmation email to the patient, notifying them that their prescription is ready for collection. Or, on Doctor's instructions, they can click 'set status as appointment required', which notifies the patient that the Doctor is not prepared to issue a repeat script and requests the patient to make an appointment. The emails sent to a patient on both of these occasions, can be customised by the Practice, to include fees for prescriptions, etc. 


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