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Fantastic, patients love it especially the online prescription request, they like the how easy and simple it is to use and they don't have to wait until the surgery is open to make an appointment. Reception staff have more time to do other tasks, I as practice manager, appreciate the prompt service. Well done for producing a super product!

– Jane Smith, Practice Manager, Munduring Medical Centre (WA)

This is a terrific tool for patients, and our Practice and staff. Patients are able to make appointments 24 hours a day at a time that suits them. They do not have to wait in a phone queue, which not only saves them time but frees up the phones and saves reception staff time enabling them to deal with other tasks.

– Stephen Ross, Bendigo Medical Centre (VIC)

This app is so much easier than calling ... So simple and incredibly easy. Highly recommend. We make all our family appointments this way.

– Victoria Sparkles (patient)

The DocAppointments system is working well … It is excellent and patient feedback is great – we really do see this as an important adjunct to our front desk.

– Dr Leeb, Illawarra Medical Centre (WA)

FAQs for the Practice (online appointments)

What system requirements do I need?
We can integrate into PracSoft practice management, Best Practice, ZedMed, Practice 2000 and Stat Health software with our system immediately.

Will I need two appointment management systems?
No, the appointments can be made available for online bookings, as usual, from your practice management software (e.g. PracSoft).

Will my receptionist require any training?
The only training required is provided in our online tutorials. One of our representatives will spend time with your Practice Manager/Receptionist to show you how to make the most of your newly installed system. Your receptionist will already have the skills necessary. In fully automatic mode, there is no intervention from a receptionist whatsoever.

Can I restrict appointments to my 'existing patients' only?
Yes you can. Individual Doctors can choose to offer appointments to ALL patients, or ONLY to their own patients.

With the click of a button in your Admin tool, Doctor's can restrict appointments to existing patients, or enable appointments to new patients

Can I see who is logging in and making appointments?
Yes you can. We have an admin tool for your Practice Manager to use. You can log in and see which patients have made or cancelled appointments, as well as if they've used their computer, iPhone or Android smartphone. Statistics can be exported into a report for a date range of your choosing.

View as patients log in or out, plus whether they've made an appointment online or with their iPhone or Android phones.

How do I make appointments available online? Do I need to "log on" to make appointments available?
You do not need to log on to any other program. Making appointments available is very easy. You can choose to make ALL free appointments available online with one click of a button in our 'automatic' mode – this mode doesn't require any intervention from your receptionists.

Or you can designate specific appointments that you want to make available online by naming them "Internet" in your PracSoft, Best Practice, ZedMed, Practice 2000 and Stat Health software. No interaction with any other program is necessary.

With the click of a button in your Admin tool, Doctor's can set their online status.With the click of a button in your Admin tool, Doctor's can enable 'all' available appointments for online. Plus have the ability to specify additional appointments outside normal working hours.

Can I override an internet appointment and book a patient that is present in the surgery?
Yes you can. It is a simple as deleting the "Internet" appointment and booking any patient in that time slot.

Some of my Doctors have 10-minute appointments and some have 15-minute appointments. Is this allowed?
Yes you can. If you have one Doctor setup with 10-minute appointments and another with 15-minute appointments, they can continue to offer these time slots as online appointments. DocAppointments will mimic the setup in your Practice Management Software.

Ability for different appointment times, e.g. 10 minutes or 15 minutes.Ability for different appointment times, e.g. 10 minutes or 15 minutes.

Will the patient receive a confirmation message, after making an appointment?
Yes they will. Every appointment is confirmed via email, specifying the appointment time, location and Doctor chosen.

Emails are personalised to your patients and include their appointment times. You specify the content you would like to include, such as private or bulk billing practice details.

Will the patient receive reminders?
Reminders will be sent 'one day' and 'one hour' before the appointment, to all patients making appointments via iPhone or Android Apps. The App saves an appointment into their calendar and the reminders are NOT an SMS.

Patients receive confirmation on-screen, when an appointment is made. A check is made that the appointment is available on your server first.The patient sees the appointment in the DocAppointments App. The Doctor sees the patients name, DOB and mobile phone number in Practice Management Software.The patient can view their smartphone calendar, showing address and contact information for the Doctor's Surgery.A reminder is displayed on the patient's smartphone, 1-day and 1-hour prior to their appointment.

Is there a fixed term contract?
No, we are confident that our system is the best and you will want to continue to use it. You can opt out at any time. Ask us about our 30 day free trial offer...

Is there any delay for the online appointment to appear in PracSoft/Best Practice?
No, the appointment is made in real time and depending upon your internet speed, the maximum delay anticipated is several seconds.

What happens if two patients choose the same appointment at the same time?
The first patient to select the appointment will be allocated the space. The second patient to select the appointment will be advised that the appointment is no longer available, and to choose another appointment time.

Will I be able to designate any appointments?
Yes, you can choose to make as many or as few appointments available. Also, you can specify the type of appointment available – either for 'general patients' or 'workers compensation' only. Appointments can be made available as a recurring appointment, or in blocks as you choose. It's entirely up to you.

Do I need any I.T. skills to implement the system?
No, will link your practice management software to our application for you. Our technician will work with your IT company to have the system installed. We can also link our application from your website.

What are the minimum server requirements?

  • Windows Server 2003+ with IIS
  • Best Practice, Pracsoft, ZedMed, Practice 2000 or Stat Health software
  • Internet connection
  • Your server must be running (i.e. not switched off overnight)
  • The software will use up to approximately 300 MB disk space (depending if SQL management studio is needed)

In summary, if your server can run Best Practice, PracSoft, ZedMed, Practice 2000 or Stat Health, it can run DocAppointments.

Do I need a website in order to use online appointments?
No, we can provide you with an online appointment facility, without the need for your own website address. However, if you desire your own clinic's website, we can facilitate one of our partner-designer's with experience in medical website design, to offer you a package at very competitive rates.

Can my patients request a script?
Yes they can. Script requests can be made by any registered patient via the online portal, for themselves or any registered family member. Each Doctor in the Practice can choose to accept script requests…or not. Please review the screen snapshots below for the workflow details.

The patient logs in and can choose to make an appointment or click on the 'request prescription' button.The patient selects the family member, their Doctor, plus writes their medication type and dosage. Then when they click the 'request prescription', the request is sent to the surgery and the patient receives a confirmation.The confirmation.The Practice Managers' Admin screen. This allows you to see the settings for each Doctor, and if they accept the script requests. These settings can be varied for each individual Doctor, with one single click.
From the Practice Admin screen above, the receptionist clicks 'prescription requests' button, which allows them to see the prescription request control panel. By clicking on 'print prescription requests list', the receptionist can print or export requestsPrinting.Completed. Choosing 'set status as completed' a confirmation email is sent to the patient, notifying them that their script is ready for collection. Or on Doctor's request, the patient can be asked to make an appointment. Email content can be customised.


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Download a PDF:

FAQs for Practices FAQs for Practices (333 KB)

FAQs for the Practice (waiting room 'check-in' App)

What happens when a patient "checks-in"?
Your practice management software 'arrives' them. Similar to your current manual process via your reception staff.

What else is involved?
The App requires a WIFI internet connection from the tablet to your Practice server.

How long does it take to install?
For existing customers of DocAppointments, the App can be downloaded from Google Play and DocAppointments will provide you with a surgery ID code (1-day to setup). 

For new customers, please register with our 'sign up your Practice' form. We can arrange a suitable time for the installation with your IT company. There is no 'down time' for us to install the system and it can be done in a matter of days.

What does it look like?

The default screen that is shown before and after a patient 'arrives'. It asks a patient to confirm their name, date-of-birth, gender, as well as selecting the Doctor their appointment was made with.The 'success' screen that is shown after a patient checks-in. They can now take a seat in your waiting room. The software puts the patient in the waiting room section as if the receptionist has checked them in manually.The screen shown, if a patient has spelt their name incorrectly or they are not registered with your Practice. They are directed to your reception.

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FAQs for a Patient

Is there a cost for me to make an appointment?
No, the system is totally free for any patient to make an appointment.

Can I make an appointment via my smart phone?
Yes, if you have an iPhone or Android smart phone, you can download the FREE App from the Apple iTunes Store, Android Market or Google Play stores. Search for 'docappointments'.

Can I cancel an appointment if I've made it online?
Yes you can. You can cancel an appointment that you've made online or with your smart phone, at any time. Click here to find out more by watching/reading our tutorials.

How many appointments can I make?
You can only make one appointment at a time, for each family member. 

Can I choose any Doctor?
You can choose from any Doctor with an available appointment, on your Doctor's online appointment system.

Can I make appointments for a family member?
Yes, you can register and make an appointment for up to six family members.

Why do you need my email address?
Your email address is necessary for completing the registration process. It will be used exclusively for communication relating to your appointment.

Will I receive confirmation for my appointment?
Yes, you will receive an email for every appointment made or cancelled. And for appointments made with your iPhone/iPad or Android App, you will also receive a reminder 'one day' and 'one hour' before the appointment time.

Can I request a script?
Yes you can. When you login to make an appointment, you'll see a button "Request Prescription". Choose your Doctor's name (if they accept script requests) and write your medication type and dosage. Once sent, check your inbox for an update. You'll receive an email either letting you know that your script is ready for collection, or your Doctor may request an appointment with you.

Login and select the 'request prescription' buttonChoose your Doctor's name and enter your medication and dosageYou'll see a confirmation message online. Check your inbox for an update from your Practice.


Download a PDF:

FAQs for Patients FAQs for Patients (324 KB)


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