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FREE: Patient self check-in's, from their own phone

Friday, October 10, 2014

Would you like your patients to be able to 'check-in' themselves, upon arrival for their appointment with you?

There are now two ways to do this.

Using the latest in 'beacon' technology, patients can use the DocAppointments App to check-in (i.e. "arrive") themselves in your practice management software.

Note: beacons are an indoor proximity service. Read more…

The beacons, are so small (see picture above) and only require a USB port for their power supply. They facilitate a short ranged proximity-based appointment 'arrival'. So, as long as your patient is inside your Practice, they can check-in themselves from their own smartphone.

Note: the range of the beacon is approximately a 30 metre radius from wherever you place it inside your reception area.

In addition to the App check-in, we also have a wall mountable tablet App. So if you're patients don't yet use online appointments and, even if they've made their appointment with you over the telephone, they can still self check-in upon arrival to your waiting room.

Contact us today if you'd like to know more about self check-in's for patient appointments.

RACGP conference (Adelaide) 2014

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Adelaide Convention Centre is the location for this year's GP14 conference, organised by RACGP.

Bumper crowds and the SA hospitality is certainly a winning combination.

We're at booth 52 chatting about ways to make your Doctor's Practice more efficient … including online appointments, patient self check-ins (i.e. "arrivals"), beacon technology and more.

We'd love to demo the system with you, so stop by for a chat. We're in between the lolly stand and the Ferrero Rocher stand. You can't miss us!

"Online appointments – right for you?" by Dr Rob McEvoy, Medical Forum WA

Monday, March 10, 2014

Dr Rob McEvoy examines why online appointment systems may be the way of the future, but there are pitfalls and practices need to ask some hard questions.

His report outlines the essential ingredients that you should look at, such as:

• seamless integration with your existing software
• iPhone app for bookings
• patients can book and cancel appointments without staff involvement
• selection of appointments open, adapted to particular doctors and times

Dr McEvoy also outlines practice efficiencies, patient handling, patient convenience, other checks that you can do and cautions for the future.

View the article in full…

Online appointments - right for you? Online appointments - right for you? (755 KB)

BP Summit (14-16 March, 2014)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Best Practice software are holding their annual BP Summit on the Sunshine Coast this year. DocAppointments are very proud to be attending, along with their graphic design partner Stream Art Design.

There are a mix of exciting workshops for delegates, including Cloud Computing, PCeHR and the future of eHealth, protecting patient data, and more.

And if you'd like to discover more about better patient flow efficiencies for your Practice; come and chat to us about our online appointments, online prescription requests for patients, patient self-check-in's from your waiting room, and more.

You'll find us situated at booth #13.

For more information about the summit, visit the BP Summit website.

Launch of customised App service for Practices

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DocAppointments has released a new service: you now have the ability to customise the appointments App's for your Practice.

A snippet of the article: “We have developed a standard where different options are available on the app, so we can adapt some of the buttons to be specific to that surgery,” Dr Pava said. “For example, if a practice has six locations, an individual surgery would like to have an app that shows only their locations."

Kate McDonald from Pulse+IT interviews Dr Pava. Read the article in full here for more details, or contact us today.

GPCE Melbourne 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thanks for the warm welcome Melbourne. It has been an enjoyable GPCE for 2013!

The last day is today, so stop by for a chat about online appointments and making your Practice workflows more efficient, at booth #9008.

We have enjoyed demo'ing DocAppointments to the many Practice Managers, Practice Nurses and GPs at the GPCE – showing you just how easy it is for your patients make an appointment and also 'arrive' themselves from your waiting room. 

If you have a follow up question, please contact us for a chat on 03 9005 7229 or click here to send an email.

"DocAppointments launches repeat script request function" by Kate McDonald, Pulse+IT magazine

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We're always developing a new feature and we've just announced the repeat script request functionality via the DocAppointments online portal. Kate McDonald from Pulse+IT interviewed our founder Dr Calin Pava. You can read the story below, or read it in full at this link on the Pulse+IT magazine:

And if you would like a demo of the new script request service, we'll be at the GPCE in Melbourne this weekend (15-17 November 2013). Come and visit us at booth 9008 for a chat.

Online appointment booking service DocAppointments will demonstrate its new prescription request function at the General Practice Conference and Exhibition (GPCE) in Melbourne later this week.

While other appointment booking services also offer script requests, DocAppointments is offering it for free to patients and as part of the monthly subscription for practices. Founder Calin Pava said other systems required credit card registration, which can act as a deterrent.

“On our system people just log on with their usual registration details and request the script,” Dr Pava said. “Instead of clicking on 'make an appointment', they can request a script for themselves or for a family member.”

Patients are able to select the family member and their doctor and simply type in their medication and dosage. They then click the 'request prescription' and the request is sent to the surgery. The patient receives a confirmation by email that the request has been sent.

Dr Pava said practices can choose for themselves what happens at their end. Doctors and receptionists can open the admin screen and check for script requests, or the receptionist can print a list off for each doctor.

Dr Pava said the system replicated what normally happened with repeat requests, but in this case the script request comes in electronically.

“The receptionist or the doctor, depending on the workflow in the surgery, can either log on in the admin screen and look at the requests and do them, and then click completed and the patient gets a notification to come,” he said.

“In other surgeries the receptionist can bring the list to the doctor as they usually do, get the script back and then the receptionist is the one who clicks the button and says come and get it.”

Practices can tick a box in their DocAppointments admin screen that shows which doctors accept script requests and those who don't. “The admin decides which doctor wants to offer this service or not and those doctors are featured in the drop-down menu,” Dr Pava said.

“Because sometimes it is not appropriate to do a repeat script, there is also a button that says make an appointment. The patient is already registered so they can make an appointment there and then.”

The emails sent to the patient for confirmation and to advise them of the status of the request can also be customised by the practice to include fees for the scripts.

Dr Pava said the script request function was now available on all of the platforms that have integrated with DocAppointments, including Best Practice, PracSoft, Zedmed, Practice 2000 and Stat.

Read more…

New prescription request feature, at no extra cost to your Practice

Sunday, November 10, 2013

We are delighted to announce a NEW feature to DocAppointments! Your patients can now request a prescription. This new feature is part of our ongoing development and improvements processes and is at no extra cost to your Practice.

How does it work:

1. The patient logs in and can choose to make an appointment or click on the 'request prescription' button:


2. The patient selects the family member, their Doctor, plus writes their medication type and dosage. Then when they click the 'request prescription', the request is sent to the surgery and the patient receives a confirmation:


3. The confirmation:


4. The Practice Managers' Admin screen. This allows you to see the settings that we recommend. Please note the tick boxes in the lower-right corner, stating that the Doctor is online, whether they accept new patients, show 'all' free appointments automatically online, and if they accept the script requests. These settings can be varied for each individual Doctor, with one single click. With these settings, the system operates in 'fully automatic' mode, with no intervention required from receptionists (for online appointments). The request script workflow is detailed below:


5. From the Practice Admin screen above, the receptionist clicks 'prescription requests' button, which allows them to see the prescription request control panel, below. This contains a list of all Doctors selected to accept prescriptions. And by clicking on 'print prescription requests list', the receptionist can print or export a list of prescriptions for each individual Doctor (refer to #6 below):


6. Printing:


7. Completed. Once the receptionist picks up the scripts, they return to the prescription request control panel and can choose to click 'set status as completed' which will send a confirmation email to the patient, notifying them that their prescription is ready for collection. Or, on Doctor's instructions, they can click 'set status as appointment required', which notifies the patient that the Doctor is not prepared to issue a repeat script and requests the patient to make an appointment. The emails sent to a patient on both of these occasions, can be customised by the Practice, to include fees for prescriptions, etc. 


"From Romania with love" by Amanda Sheppeard, Australian Doctor magazine

Saturday, September 28, 2013

DocAppointments founder, Dr Calin Pava, recently featured in the Australian Doctor magazine, in an article by Amanda Sheppeard. Here is the story (below) or you can read in full at this link on the Australian Doctor magazine:

Since immigrating to Australia 16 years ago, Dr Calin Pava has not only embraced his new home but invented an innovative online booking system.

It’s raining in the Tasmanian city of Devonport today. It has been like that for a few days now and the locals are itching to see a glimmer of sunshine.

This is the kind of weather that can put a dampener on the best of moods, but not for Dr Calin Pava. He is full of cheer as he sneaks into his office early to talk to Australian Doctor, before his first patient arrives.

Spend just a few minutes talking with this open and friendly GP and you get the feeling that this is a bloke who embraces every day, rain, hail or shine.

“Yes it would be nice to have some sunshine,” when he hears that Sydney is blooming in its hottest August day on record. “But I wouldn’t like that hot summer you get up there. I’m happy here.”

Flash back 16 years and Dr Pava was a doctor working in the country of his birth, Romania.

Even as a doctor life was hard, and the $60 he earned per month made it challenging to look after his young family.

Like many people locked in the confines of a communist country, he yearned for a better life. Not just a life where he could earn more money, but a life free of the corruption and fear that plagued his country. He wanted to be free, and even more than that he wanted his young son, Alex, to be free.

He had heard about Australia, although he had never been there.

On his paltry wage he could not afford the $5000 it would cost for a return airfare to see for himself whether this was the land to which he wanted to bring his family.

The US and South Africa were also on his radar, albeit fleetingly. His mind kept returning to Australia. So he took a leap of faith.

“It’s quite easy to make that leap when you have no other choice,” he explains. “I didn’t like the idea of him [Alex] growing up in a country where things were as they were.”

Hard road to take
The process to come to Australia and practise as a GP proved more arduous than Dr Pava had expected.

Because he could not afford to come to Australia to sit his exams, he negotiated to sit one at the Australian embassy in Belgrade, which was the capital of Yugoslavia at the time. After he passed, he went to South Africa to complete his training.

After working there for a year, he came to Australia, already with a job. He had already decided to go into general practice and he was keen to earn his stripes as a grassroots doctor.

Dr Pava settled in Tasmania, and by 2004 he had been made a partner in a practice of three doctors. The practice continued to grow and, about four years ago, became the Devonport GP Superclinic. Dr Pava remains a partner at the practice.

Much has changed in a decade-and-a-half. His marriage did not survive the turmoil of the move across the world, although he later remarried. Alex stayed with him, and is now following in his father’s footsteps.

In December, Alex will graduate after studying medicine at Monash University. Dr Pava is full of pride for his son’s achievements, and also for the fact that it will carry on a family tradition. He has never been sorry he packed his family up and left Romania. He took up Australian citizenship at the first opportunity — it was never a question for him.

“The quality of life here is probably the best of anywhere you could find in the world,” he says.

“It was a struggle to come to Australia and get all my medical qualifications, but back then I liked what I knew about Australians. I haven’t been disappointed.”

Another direction
In recent years, Dr Pava has been busy making his mark on Australia in a way he would never have imagined 18 years ago.

A few years ago, he started looking into implementing an online booking system for patients at the Devonport clinic. After talking with patients and staff, he felt there were definite advantages to such an innovation.

“We needed a system that obviously provided the best quality service to our patients, but we also need to provide the best possible work environment and lifestyle for staff and doctors,” he explains.

“We are always looking at ways of making the practice more efficient and it made sense.”

But as he looked around at the various systems on the market, he just could not find the perfect fit.

Some manual systems were too labour-intensive, some were too expensive and time-consuming. While he concedes they might be well-suited to other medical practices, they fell short when it came to his needs.

Enterprising spirit
So what does a Romanian immigrant with absolutely no formal computer training do? What many an enterprising Aussie has done before him — make his own.

“I didn’t like any of those, so I said ‘bugger this, I’ll develop mine’ the way I want it,” he says. “From the perspective of a GP and practice owner I knew what the practice needed and how the system should work.”

After close consultation with staff and patients, Dr Pava had a plan.

“It had to have ease of use, be fast to make appointments and allow patients to find an appointment with their own doctor.”

With the help of programmers and web designers, including his graphic/web designer wife Anita Pava, DocAppointments was born.

Since its commercial launch last year it has been well received. It is still early days, but support for the system is growing and doctors from all over Australia have joined up.

As Dr Pava points out though, he did not do this to make a quick buck, and most of the price covers the costs of ongoing research and development into new services and software.

“We have put our fees as low as possible to cover the costs of ongoing program updates,” he says.

DocAppointments allows patients to log on at any hour of the day or night, and see what appointments are available with their doctor on their chosen day. Unlike many other programs, this one allows patients to actually see the availability of their own doctor, and also make an appointment.

It is equally convenient for doctors, explains Dr Pava.

“The moment an appointment is made it is in real time and it goes into my appointment book automatically. The same for cancellations,” he says.

Appointments can be cancelled with the click of a mouse.

Recently, DocAppointments released an Android app that allows patients to register their arrival at the practice using a wall-mounted tablet, rather than having to wait at reception.

Practical and convenient
Dr Pava says he has heard anecdotal reports of spin-off advantages to the system. In one case, a mother with a sick child was able to log on in the middle of the night and make an appointment for first thing in the morning.

“She didn’t go to the emergency department [of the local hospital], because she knew she could see her GP in the morning. She could have been at emergency for hours and hours.

"This way the child can stay home and rest until the morning.”

You get the feeling that this isn’t the last we will see of Dr Pava. He can’t help but innovate.

“I just enjoy talking to people who are like-minded.”

It’s time to see the first patient of the day, so Dr Pava makes a polite exit. But not without answering one final question — is he proud of what he as achieved?

“I don’t really see it like that, I came to a wonderful country with nothing.

“I went from being born in a communist country to a life of freedom. I earned $60 a month, now I employ 62 people. So it’s good.”

Newsletter – August 2013

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

DocAppointments are proud to announce the release of our NEW waiting room 'check-in' App for PracSoft and Best Practice users.

Recently covered in Pulse+IT e-health newsletter by Kate McDonald, you can read the interview with Dr Calin Pava in full (see web link further below).

In our August e-newsletter, we look at:

• New 'check-in' App for your waiting room (currently for Best Practice and PracSoft)
• Pulse+IT magazine interview with Dr Calin Pava
• New online appointment software integrations (ZedMed and Practice 2000, with Stat Health coming soon)

We hope you enjoy the read and, as always, please contact us for more information.

Best wishes,
Anita Pava

NEW 'CHECK-IN' APP, for better patient flow

The App is designed to facilitate the 'check-in' process of patients that have arrived in your Practice.

Patients can self check-in, bypassing your reception, and the software 'arrives' them in your Best Practice or PracSoft waiting room ... similar to your current manual process, via your reception staff.

It helps reduce pressure on reception and facilitates patient flow in your Practice.

The App is designed for Android tablets.

Note: we recommend Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" and DocAppointments can provide a frame for the secure location of the tablet to a wall. The frame is custom-made to 'block' access to any navigation buttons, thereby restricting the use of your tablet to the check-in App only.

What does it cost?

A Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" tablet with WIFI is available at Dick Smith Electronics, Officeworks and Harvey Norman for approximately $430-$530.

The App has a licence fee of $250 + GST per year, per Practice. Installation fee is waived for existing customers of DocAppointments. If you are a new customer and do not already have DocAppointments installed on your Practice server, a $400+GST installation fee will apply.

You can add as many tablets as you'd like, at no additional cost to your annual licence fee.

The custom-built wall-mountable frame is available from us for $137 inclusive of GST, and is sized for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" tablet.

What else is involved?

The App requires a WIFI internet connection from the tablet to your Practice server.

How long does it take to install?

For users of DocAppointments, the App can be downloaded from Google Play and DocAppointments will provide you with a surgery ID code (1-day to setup). For new customers, please register on our website. We can arrange a suitable time for the installation with your IT company. There is no 'down time' for us to install the system and it can be done in a matter of days:

If you are interested in having the App in your Practice, please contact us for more information.


Kate McDonald of Pulse+IT magazine recently interviewed Dr Calin Pava, founder of DocAppointments, about the journey to create our newest App for your waiting room.

You can read the interview in full at this link:

NEW SOFTWARE INTEGRATIONS, for online appointments

DocAppointments is now fully integrated with ZedMed and Practice 2000, in addition to Best Practice and PracSoft.

We are currently working on integrating with Stat Health and will soon offer both online appointments and the waiting room 'check-in' App for Stat users.

If you are using one of these practice management sofware packages and are interested in having the DocAppointments system in your Practice, please contact us for more information or register today:

"DocAppointments launches check-in App for patient flow" by Kate McDonald, PulseIT

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

By Kate McDonald of PulseIT

Online appointment booking service has released a new check-in app for Android tablets that aims to streamline patient flow in general practice and free up receptionists' time.

The app is a simple one that can be downloaded onto an Android device that is attached by a mount to the wall. When the patient arrives at the surgery, they can bypass reception and check in themselves, much like at an airport self-check in booth.

DocAppointments founder Calin Pava, a GP at the Devonport GP Superclinic in Tasmania, said the idea was to improve patient flow and free up the receptionists' work for more important duties.

DocAppointments itself is now fully integrated into Zedmed and Practice 2000 as well as Best Practice and HCN's PracSoft, and is currently in the process of being integrated into Stat.

The check-in app is available only with Best Practice and PracSoft at the moment, but Dr Pava said it would also be available in Stat. The functionality is the same for all packages, he said.

“We chose to do it on Android because they are cheaper for practices to buy than an iPad,” he said. “Basically, when the patient comes into the practice, if the receptionist is busy then rather than clogging the entrance they just go to the wall, put in their name and the doctor that they have the appointment with, and the software checks that they have an appointment within an hour of the time they arrive. If the software finds an appointment, it arrives them.”
The patient's status appears within the practice management software just as if a receptionist had done it manually.

Dr Pava said many people would simply by-pass reception and go straight to the tablet as they are so familiar these days with self-check in systems. And if they have also used DocAppointments to book their appointment, the only contact they have with the receptionist is when they come out of the consultation and pay.

“It is simply to get them in as fast as possible,” he said. “They can check in as soon as they arrive, go and sit down and it means better patient flow.”
Dr Pava said he had considered adding further functionality, such as the ability to update contact details or even medical history, but there were legal ramifications to that which made it unacceptable.

“We trialled that in the waiting room, but it is a bit more difficult because it alters a file in Best Practice or PracSoft, which technically can be done but legally there is a problem,” he said.

“We gave up on that idea because you would have to first identify the patient and make sure the information is correct. It is a whole legal minefield. We do something similar in our practice for medicals, but we don't actually allow them to alter the record in the software.”

He said the software vendors weren't entirely happy with the idea either and the practice solicitor advised against it. “There is also an issue for accreditation in terms of checking their identity. With the app, the doctor can check but also the receptionist can too when the patient comes out to pay.”

Dr Pava and his team have designed the wall mount for the tablet, which practices can purchase to go with a Galaxy tablet, or DocAppointments can supply both. They then just have to download the app, which comes with a fee of $250 a year.

Visit PulseIT for more eHealth articles:

DocAppointments introduces "automatic/self check-in" App for your patients

Monday, July 29, 2013

In traditional GP Practices, each patient appointment requires three contact events between patient and Practice, via reception.

1. A phone call to make an appointment

2. Contact with reception who "arrive" the patient in your appointment book

3. After the appointment, reception settle the account.

Modern GP Practices using the DocAppointments system can now reduce the number of contact events from three to just one!

Patients can make an online appointment 24-hours-per-day via their computer or mobile phones. They can self check-in upon arrival to the Practice – bypassing the reception – and only need to interact with staff after their appointment, when they settle their account.

This significantly reduces the reception workload and frees them for more productive tasks.

Android Tablet & Case

Patients self check-in on a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Android tablet, affixed to the wall near the entrance to your Practice.

ALL patients can check-in via the waiting room App, irrespective if their appointment was made online or by phone, via reception staff.

DocAppointments can order a custom-designed frame that restricts access to any other functions of the tablet, and allows for secure wall mounting for the tablet. Please contact us for a price if you are interested.

Join our Google+ community

Sunday, July 28, 2013

We invite you to connect with us on Google+ to keep up-to-date with our latest news and updates. 

In fact, we have a very important announcement coming to you this week…

Pulse + IT magazine, Australia's first and only eHealth and Health IT magazine: DocAppointments fully integrated with ZedMed

Saturday, March 16, 2013

We are delighted to feature in the March 2013 online edition of Pulse + IT magazine with Kate McDonald's article about our integration with ZedMed software.

Pulse + IT magazine talk about our fully automatic solution that 'mirrors' your settings in ZedMed. And also how the DocAppointments system can increase your Practice profitability by $60,000 per year.

To read this article and many more on the Pulse + IT magazine website, please click here or read on…


By Kate McDonald. Courtesy of Pulse + IT Magazine.

Online appointments service DocAppointments is now fully integrated with Zedmed's practice management software solution, in addition to Best Practice and PracSoft.

DocAppointments has also received the Best Practice Solution Integrate imprimatur, meaning there is a standing agreement to ensure the software is compatible each time there is an update.

DocAppointments founder and CEO Calin Pava said there was also a standing agreement with Health Communication Network (HCN) for PracSoft, and work is ongoing to allow DocAppointments to access PracSoft through a specially designed API, with HCN selling the service through its new Widget Store.

DocAppointments is now also fully automatic, so individual doctor's appointments are automatically made available online as well as in the practice management system.

“You have one click of a button in your admin screen and you can make all the appointments that are blank in your practice management system for each individual doctor become available automatically online – you don't have to do anything else,” Dr Pava said.

"The receptionist doesn't have to do anything. In some systems the receptionist has to put the appointments online and then transfer them to the practice management system, but with DocAppointments it is done automatically."

The length of each individual doctor's appointments can also be made available automatically, he said.

“We have adapted the software so it mimics whatever you have set up in the practice management software. Once you have it installed and you have clicked all of those boxes, you don't need to touch anything after that. If you change your setting in your practice management software, our system mirrors it.”

Patients can make appointments either through or through the practice's own website. Dr Pava said practices can choose where they have their portal as some have closed books and don't want to be listed on a directory.

“What we recommend to most practices is they put a link to our website and one from their own,” he said. “Some practices choose to put it only for their own because they don't take new patients, so they just put it on their own website and then they give the link only to their own patients.

“Even within the practice, the practice manager can decide if one individual doctor takes new patients or not. If you have an older doctor who doesn't take new patients, you just click one box in admin and automatically that one doctor is allocated a code that he gives only to his own patients.

“If you have a new doctor in the practice, you leave it open and it allows you to channel all of the new patients to the new doctor, but you still allow all patients of the practice to make appointments online.”

Dr Pava said many practices now have online appointments through their own websites, but only offering a couple of appointments a day online isn't really doing much.

"In order for it to make a difference to the practice, you really should be trying to reach a target of about 30 per cent of your appointments being made online. That's when you actually see savings in the receptionist's time.

"That target can make a difference to the practice's profitability by up to $60,000 a year. It's not enough to say you have some appointments online - it's how you promote it to patients and get them to use it to achieve that sort of proportion. That's where you actually get the benefit."

DocAppointments is also offering a customised e-newsletter service to allow practices to communicate with patients better. Dr Pava said that while many practices have a paper newsletter, his research has shown that only about five per cent of patients actually read it while sitting in the waiting room.

To capture younger patients, you have to go mobile, he said.

“Paper newsletters may look good but they don't actually do anything for you. Electronic newsletters are mostly read on mobile platforms and those will be younger people.

“Our statistics show that 20 per cent are opened in the first two hours. I sent a newsletter for my practice on a public holiday, and within two hours 20 per cent were opened. This morning, it is 69 per cent. That is being sent to 5000-odd patients, so by tomorrow night there will be 80 per cent of people will have read it. That is a really good penetration.”

DocAppointments is allied to a graphic design agency, which will personalise the newsletter for each practice. All the practice needs to do is email some content, and the company will lay out the newsletter, add some photos and email it out to the practice's database.

eNewsletters are particularly good for advertising clinics, Dr Pava said. “We put in flu shot reminders and travel clinics and that sort of thing in our newsletters and that translates straight away in an increased uptake of those clinics.

“Because our patients are used to it now, our first four flu clinics are already booked out. With younger people, you can't reach them in any other way.”

DocAppointments was established with the GP market in mind and Dr Pava is not considering expanding it to the allied health sector due to the prohibitive cost of integrating with many different software products, he said.

“The problem with allied health is that they are using all sorts of different types of software. The costs to address all of those one are quite prohibitive. For each of them it requires quite a lot of investment.

“When we looked at allied health, more or less everyone is using a different practice management software system. General practice is what we know and do well so we'll stick with it.”

DocAppointments is looking at integrating with Stat next, and has also reduced its fee from $185 a month to $150 due to a decrease in the cost of programming and in the price of storage and hosting. Dr Pava said DocAppointments was passing on those cost reductions to customers.

Newsletter – March 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

Thank you for taking a few moments to read our March e-newsletter.

In this issue we want to bring to your attention several topics, regarding the latest developments in the DocAppointments software, PLUS strategies that allow you to make the most of your DocAppointments online system.

  • Best Practice: Solution Integrate.
  • DocAppointments: new completely automatic option for appointments, operating without any intervention from your receptionist.
  • DocAppointments: fully integrated with ZedMed.
  • Practice increasing profit by $60,000 per year, by using full capabilities of DocAppointments system.
  • Announcing new monthly licence fee: DocAppointments is the only software company to pass on savings to its customers (that we know of), with a reduction in price achieved by increasing efficiencies.
  • NEW: bi-annual e-health newsletter service for your Practice.

DocAppointments and Best Practice

We are proud to announce that our software is fully-integrated with Best Practice. Both companies have agreed to work together to provide the best service to our combined customers, ensuring that both provide a reliable and seamlessly integrated experience, now and into the future. 

This ensures that DocAppointments customers are protected by any "surprises" for all future software upgrades.

New feature: DocAppointments is now fully-automatic

The last update from DocAppointments already installed in most of our Practices, allows for 'all available' appointments to be made visible online automatically, for each individual Doctor. This is enabled by one click of a button, from your Admin area (pictured right).

If you would like to use this feature and by any chance your system was not updated yet, please reply to this email to let us know and we'll schedule your software update.

New feature: offer variable-length appointment times, for each individual Doctor

In response to requests from some of our clients,  DocAppointments now has the ability to mimic the setup in your Practice Management Software. If you have one Doctor setup with 10-minute appointments and another with 15-minute appointments, they can offer these time slots as online appointments too.

For more details please visit for more information and screen snapshot images.

ZedMed integration

We are delighted to announce that DocAppointments is now fully integrated with ZedMed Medical Software Solutions.

For Practice's using ZedMed and wishing to offer online appointments, please contact us today. Here is an overview of the features:

  • Ability for your patients to book appointments with you, 24-hours-a-day.
  • A portal for appointments from your Practice website PLUS a link from the DocAppointments website.
  • Ability for patients to make appointments with each individual Doctor, not just with your Practice.
  • Simple flat monthly fee per Practice of $150 + GST, with no additional charges per Doctor nor per appointments made.
  • Fully automatic with no receptionist's intervention required.
  • Statistics and reports available at your fingertips, with capability for e-newsletters too.
  • Choice for open appointments for new patients, or a closed system for EXISTING patients only, for Doctors that do not accept new patients.

You can either 'register your interest' if you would like more information or 'sign up your Practice' if you are all ready to go. We can enable you to offer patients online appointments in no time at all. It's a fully automatic solution that works in real time, PLUS you don't need to learn anything new in order to offer online appointments to your patients! Contact us today.

Increase your Practice profits

The key to extracting the most benefit from your online appointments system is actively promoting it to your patients. Research proves over and over again, that ease of access is one of the main aspects of health care that patients equate with quality of care and a good relationship with their GP or Specialist Practice. 

Offering online appointments and engaging patients via e-newsletters has the potential to significantly increase your patient's satisfaction levels. A recent article in the Australian Doctor magazine by David Brill, analyses a recent study about the 'ease of access' to a Doctor for patients. More than 8,000 Practices were included in the study which reported Practice's should consider "…how they perform in terms of the patient experience":


Recent statistics from Practices using DocAppointments to it's full capability, shows that once a significant number of patients have registered and are regularly using the online appointments system, it's possible to achieve a benchmark of over 30% of appointments being made online. If used correctly, this can translate into the equivalent of an extra FTE Doctor on staff … this in turn can generate a minimum of $60,000 extra per year in pure profit.

Sound good? If you are interested in learning the strategies that best-performing Practices use to achieve these benchmarks, please reply to this email. We can schedule a FREE training session (FREE for DocAppointments clients only).

New year and new REDUCED licence fee: $150 per month + GST!

In our first newsletter for this year we wish all of our customers a happy and successful New Year. As a result of increased efficiencies and reductions in programming and hosting costs, we were able to reduce our costs and pass on the savings to our customers.

The general monthly licence fee per Practice has now been reduced (from $185 + GST per month) to $150 + GST per month, effective 1 January 2013.

We are proud to be the only software company (that we are aware of) to reduce fees instead of increasing their license fees.

New service: e-newsletters for your Practice

Actively engaging with your patients is one of the main factors in providing a good service and increasing their satisfaction with your Practice. Most Practices are using a paper-based newsletter available to patients in the waiting room, however this method fails to reach patients that seldom visit your Practice.

In most cases, paper newsletters cannot be used proactively to promote upcoming health issues and seasonal updates. Electronic newsletter are a fast and convenient way to reach especially a younger segment of your patient group, that generally does not visit regularly your Practice … and when they do, tend not to read waiting room publications.

However, this patient group is extremely active on mobile platforms for communication, such as iPhone, iPad, Android smart phones, etc. As an example, the pie chart (pictured right) shows the distribution of digital devices used to access a recent e-newsletter sent by a regional Practice in Tasmania. Note: 20% of e-newsletters sent were opened and read within the first two hours! Metropolitan areas typically have an even higher adoption of mobile devices.

Research by Practices in the United States show a patient response rate of between 9% to 12% … translating into an increase in patient appointments and revenue for the Practice, lasting for up to six months after an e-newsletter has been sent to their patients. This also translates in a significantly higher uptake of preventative medicine, achieving long-term savings for the health system and better health for your patients.

DocAppointments can offer an e-newsletter service, that can be sent to all of your patients registered for online appointments. Our system has the capacity to export a list of email addresses and allows you to create your own e-newsletter. DocAppointments has the capacity to offer a full service to you, including the exporting of your patient database, with a personalised design of your e-newsletters that includes content provided by you that is relevant to your Practice.

We recommend sending your e-newsletters every six months, however this can be done at your request at any time. The cost of this service is $147 + GST per newsletter, plus an additional fee of $8 per 1,000 e-newsletters sent. Emails are sent in accordance with Anti Spamming legislation, allowing your patients to unsubscribe should they choose.

Please see below an example of a recent e-newsletter sent by DocAppointments for the Devonport GP Superclinic in Tasmania:


GPCE Melbourne (15-17 November, 2013)

Friday, March 01, 2013

We are looking forward to attending the GPCE in Melbourne, held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from Friday 15 to Sunday 17 November, 2013.

Come and join us at booth 9008 (conveniently located near the workshops entrance) and learn about integrating online doctor appointments with your appointments system.

You will see why Medical Observer magazine rates us in their "Pick of the best" app's for Doctor's Practices.

We integrate with Best Practice, MD PracSoft and ZedMed. You can offer your patients the ability to make real-time appointments with you from their iPhone, Android phone or computer. It's quick and easy!

Offering your patients a convenient way to access your Practice and easily make appointments, will increase their patient satisfaction and also reduce administrative time for your staff.

Contact us today for a demo and more information.

"Net Benefits" The Private Practice Magazine

Friday, March 01, 2013

By creating an efficient online appointments system for patients,
Dr Calin Pava has enabled practices to cut down the time receptionists
spend on the phone and free up administration staff.

To read more click on the link below:

Net Benefits Net Benefits (806 KB)

Nothing succeeds like access: study – David Brill, Australian Doctor magazine

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

David Brill analyses a recent study about the 'ease of access' to a Doctor for patients. More than 8,000 Practices were included in the study which reported Practice's should consider "…how they perform in terms of the patient experience".

Factors also examined were whether patients could see their preferred GP and also the ease of making an appointment to see their GP.

An issue of accessibility, we encourage Practice's to try our DocAppointments product, allowing patients new ways to make appointments with their preferred Doctor. Not only does it allow the continuity of care for your patients, it will also ease the burden on your reception staff.

Please refer to David's article below and contact DocAppointments for more information about appointments for your patients.


Launch of advertising campaign for online Doctors appointments in Southern Tasmania

Thursday, November 22, 2012

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our radio and newspaper advertising. Our inaugural campaign promotes Doctor's Surgeries based in Southern Tasmania, who are offering online appointments to their patients.

Tell us what you think via Facebook or Twitter.

Listen to our radio advert

GPCE Melbourne (16-18 November, 2012)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's a great time to be in Melbourne for the annual GPCE. With around 1800 delegates registered, attending 34 seminars, 66 specialist workshops and over 120 exhibitors, for you to discover the latest in health care and technology.

You will find DocAppointments in booth 1908 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. And we'd love to show you just how easy-to-use our system is. Stop by for a chat at anytime!

Our system comes highly recommended by many leading experts and all of our customers too! You can read their testimonials (and more) on our website … plus we have been featured in Medical Observer, Australian Doctor, Pulse+IT and The Practice Manager magazines.

We look forward to meeting you soon and making your life (and your receptionist's lives) easier by offering online appointments to your patients.

Kathie Melocco - The Power Of Storytelling - Health and Wellbeing Activism

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Kathie Melocco is an active blogger and online strategist for health activism.

As a healthcare blogger, Kathie is interested in all aspects of e-health. Kathie specialises in health care communication – ehealth, technology, farmer and biotech, with a focus on patient activism and social media.

Dr Calin Pava contributed to her latest blog post "GP's Are The Key To Online Appointments Succeeding In Australia".

Read the article in full here:

Kathie also writes, speaks and teaches the power of storytelling.

Radio interview, ABC Local with Penny Terry

Monday, October 22, 2012

Penny Terry from ABC Northern Tasmania interviewed Dr Calin Pava on the online doctors appointments system, as used in Dr Pava's Practice at the Devonport GP Superclinic in Devonport Tasmania.

Penny asked Dr Pava why the system was developed, how did he get the idea and actually get it working?

Dr Pava reported that the system was developed specifically for General Practice when phones are swamped in the morning with lots and lots of callers trying to get an appointment.

"That would keep our receptionists very busy not able to attend to the people present in the surgery, and obviously would create a lot of frustration for patients hanging on the phone from the other side."

As a result we decided to make our appointments available online so patients can log on and they can choose an appointment at a time when is convenient for them … generally with a doctor they can choose among the available appointments without having to ring the surgery.

"The idea originally was us working with one of the programmers trying to see how we can actually make those appointments available on line. As a result we developed a process that during the past two years we simplified to the extent the patient simply needs to register as an online user, can see the available appointments and can make an appointment which is automatically put into the software of the Practice."

Penny asked about the bonuses of using the DocAppointments system, as well as how many people are using the system at the Devonport GP Superclinic?

Dr Pava has found that in the past two years that the online appointments have been in use, and feedback from other Practices using the same system around Australia is that patients love not having to negotiate with the receptionist for an appointment.

"They can look online and see a range of appointments that are available and choose one that is suitable for them."

Patients also live being able to make their appointments on the App's which are available for free, for both iPhone and Android platforms. Both App's have thousands of downloads all around Australia.

"…They can make that appointment 24 hours a day from any location where they are when they have the time to do it without having to wait on hold."

In the Devonport GP Superclinic, over 8000 patients are currently registered for online appointments.

"While I was giving you this interview I was watching on my surgery’s system how one patient actually cancelled an appointment, it became available online and two minutes later it was taken by another patient. I can look on my personal list today and I have 28 appointments that were made online."

Penny asked Dr Pava why he developed his 'own' system and whether there are other systems available on the market in Australia:

"There are about three systems that are available and used around Australia but when I looked at them they were not really user friendly, it would take a long time for a patient to make an appointment , it would be done via an email that would require a response from the surgery."

"It would take more time from the receptionist actually to manage the whole system that is why we preferred to design our own which is automated and actually on the apps it takes about four or five seconds to make an appointment with your doctor. We also wanted to encourage patients to use the same doctor to provide continuity of care and some of the systems that are available online  actually fragment that care."

Penny was curious about whether this development of new technology is interpreted as less personal service, and how patients have reacted to it and the security of their details when registering.

On the contrary, all feedback has been positive. Patients love the face they can choose their own appointment in their own time, at any time of the day.

"…and also the fact receptionists are not being that busy on the phone they do have time to interact with the patients who are present in the surgery, so overall the service is improving."

There is no issue with confidentiality, as all information available online from the surgery’s point of view that an appointment is available. From the patient's point of view, they need to register their name and date-of-birth on their iPhone. It is stored on their iPhone, so nothing is stored online to create any confidentiality problems.

Penny's last question was whether the introduction of the online appointments enabled people to see their GP any faster than the current media reports.

"It definitely helps getting people in to see their GP quicker because now the surgeries can make those appointments available online, as in sometimes when people ring it is not a real time feedback as to what appointments are available. In our system if a patient cancels an appointment it is automatically made available for the next patient to make it without the intervention from the receptionist."

Dr Pava invites more surgeries to have their appointments online and also with the hospital Emergency Department to actually advertise the app in their Emergency Department, we are encouraging patients while they are waiting to be seen in the Emergency Department to download the App and check which doctors around would have appointments available at that moment.

Thank you to ABC Local and to Penny Terry for the excellent questions and the opportunity for Dr Calin Pava to speak about the DocAppointments online Doctor's appointments.

If you are interested in the DocAppointments system for your Practice, please click here for more information or click here to contact us today.

"Patients sick of waiting" the Advocate newspaper

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Libby Bingham from the Advocate newspaper interviews Dr Calin Pava about using technology and online Doctors appointments, allowing patients to see their GP faster. Read more…


New feature for App's: "Find a Pharmacy"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We are excited to announce a new feature on the DocAppointments App's for pharmacies.

Once a patient has made an appointment, they can click on the 'Find a Pharmacy' button (smart phone users only).

Using the 'current location' ability of your smart phone, with a map range of up to 50km, patients can also seeking directions to their preferred pharmacy with their inbuilt map.

How does it work?

Following their appointment with a Doctor, patients will search for a nearby pharmacy in order to fill their prescriptions. Thousands of patients are already using the DocAppointments App's, have now an easy option to enable them to find their nearest pharmacy or to contact their preferred dispenser.

When you are listed on DocAppointments pharmacy direction, they will find you within a range of 50km from their current location and they can contact you using the information you provide. They can also find your Pharmacy by seeking directions with Google Maps:

Find a pharmacy   Find a pharmacy   Find a pharmacy

For more information or to register your pharmacy for this service today, please click here and sign up your pharmacy.

GPCE Brisbane, thank you

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We'd like to thank everyone that attended our booth at the inaugural GPCE conference in Brisbane.

We announced the release of the Android smart phone app, joining the existing iPhone/iPad app. We were also delighted to demo the system to many Practice Managers, GPs, Specialists, Practice Nurse's, Practice Receptionists, Students … and even a Nobel peace prize winner!

Intuitive: The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, that the DocAppointments system is so simple, intuitive and easy to use for both patients and day-to-day appointment management … it almost runs itself!

Great value: We were also happy to discover that the DocAppointments system is one of the best value products on the market.

Feedback: Our client's tell us that it actually saves their Practice time and money – freeing up receptionists to give more attention to patients onsite, as well as providing their staff more time to allocate to chronic disease management services.

New feature: Doctors and Specialists have reported they are very happy with our new feature that allows them to see 'existing' patients only, should they choose.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the next GPCE conference, held in Melbourne in November 2012. See you all there!

Calin and Anita
DocAppointments – online doctor appointments.

Medical Observer magazine "Pick of the best: top apps for GPs"

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Whilst reading the Medical Observer magazine on a lazy Sunday morning (one of our favourite read's for GPs), you can imagine our delight to see the DocAppointment's app featured as one of Dr Cassy Richmond's recommended 'pick of the best' for GPs.


Dr Cassy Richmond has reviewed some of the most useful app examples for GPs in Australia.

In the September edition of the Medical Observer magazine, DocAppointments were delighted to be among the top five app's reviewed by Dr Richmond.

Dr Richmond highlighted the app's patient focus, enabling instant appointment with a patient's GP. She also drew attention to the ease of burden from the GP practice's reception staff, which is certainly feedback we receive from our clients too.

The DocAppointment app is free for patients to download from the Apple iTunes store for your iPhone or iPad, and also for your Android phone from Android Market and Google Play stores. Search for 'docappointments'.


Pulse + IT magazine, Australia's first and only eHealth and Health IT magazine

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

We are delighted to feature in the September online edition of Pulse + IT magazine with Kate McDonald's our article about our online appointments and new Android app.

Pulse + IT magazine cover a wide variety of aspects about our system, and also help us to launch our new Android app that joins the free iPhone and iPad apps already in use by thousands of patients around the Australia.

To read this article and many more on the Pulse + IT magazine website, please click here or read on…


By Kate McDonald. Courtesy of Pulse + IT Magazine.

Online doctor appointments provider will officially launch its new Android application at the GP Conference and Exhibition (GPCE) in Brisbane this month.

The Android app is in addition to the free iPhone and iPad app released six months ago. The apps enable patients to book an appointment with their doctor through their mobile phone or iPad, with an additional function of automatically placing reminders in the user's calendar.

Patients receive reminders one day and one hour before their appointment through the calendar function, meaning practices do not have to pay for SMSs while also reducing the amount of patients missing appointments.

Designed by Tasmanian GP Calin Pava from the Devonport GP Superclinic, is a computer-based system that is integrated into PracSoft and Best Practice.

It allows practices to make appointments available through their own website and is aimed at reducing the time receptionists spend fielding phone calls, particularly first thing in the morning.

Dr Pava said the reason he had designed the system was due to dissatisfaction with the other online appointment booking products on the market.

“There were two systems we looked at for our practice but one was too expensive, charging a fee per month per doctor and then a charge per appointment,” Dr Pava said. “For practices with more than six doctors, for instance, that can get too expensive. And I couldn't see the logic in paying for appointments. I want more appointments to be made online but the more I make available the more I pay. It seemed counterproductive.”

He said other products he looked at allowed the patient to choose the earliest appointment available at different practices, with surgeries advertising on the same page as competitors. “That's convenient for the patient but a bit counterproductive for the practice,” he said. “You lose not only revenue but also the continuity of care that is so important in caring for our patients.”

DocAppointments lets patients book an appointment with their regular doctor or with other doctors in the practice if the regular doctor is not available. If the patient needs to cancel, they simply go back into the system and delete the appointment, freeing it up for other patients.

The patients can see all the appointments available in the surgery on one particular day or sort by doctor and by week, so non-urgent appointments can be booked weeks in advance. For patients who need urgent care, such as mothers of sick children, they can book in for the first available appointment without having to go to a hospital or wait until morning to try to get an appointment. It also reduces the time spent time on the phone.

Doctors and receptions merely need to designate a free appointment as “Internet” in their clinical software to bring up the system, which will then automatically make the appointments available online. The practice manager can choose which doctors have online appointments and have full access to the contact details of registered patients in the admin area.

Each patient can add family members and can make only one appointment at a time for each registered family member. Having access to each registered patient allows the practice to block a patient from making online appointments, avoiding any possible abuse of the system.

Dr Pava said that in his practice over one-third of the appointments are now booked online. He has also been able to move two of his reception staff away from the phone and into chronic disease management work.

The service is available for an initial installation fee and a monthly licence fee per practice, with no additional charges per doctor or per appointment.

While at the moment around 65 per cent of the appointments are made through the desktop, the mobile applications actually make the whole process faster and simpler, Dr Pava said.

“It's easier with the app than on the computer because the app will remember your password and user name. It also remembers who your doctor is. And once you have made an appointment it will email you, and integrate into your calendar so you are reminded 24 hours and then one hour before your appointment.”

The apps also let new patients open a Google map to show them where the practice is located.

While the service is currently only available with PracSoft and Best Practice, Dr Pava has contacted Stat Health to integrate it with Stat, and he is in discussions with other commonly used practice management software companies.

The Brisbane GPCE, where the DocAppointments Android app will be launched, is being held from September 14 to 16 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Newsletter – September 2012

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Just as Springtime is upon us, we are delighted to bring you the freshest news and updates from DocAppointments.

In this issue:

• New capabilities: release of Android App
• The Practice Manager magazine
• Australian Doctor magazine app review
• Upcoming GPCE in Brisbane: 14-16 September

Android App release

We are proud to announce the release of our Android phone app. In conjunction with the iPhone and iPad app that has already seen thousands of downloads, this provides approximately 90 percent of your patients with the ability to make an appointment with their smart phone.

With all the great features of the iPhone/iPad App, the Android app can be downloaded by your patients at NO COST to them or your Practice.

Both app's feature the automatic calendar insertion of the appointment, reminding your patients about their appointment 24-hours and 1-hour prior, thus minimising 'no shows'. This is NOT an SMS, which means it's a service provided at NO COST to your Practice. The cost of SMS messages (which our app's avoid) could become a significant burden as some Practices using our system are making over 2,000 online appointments per month.

To download the app: go to the Apple iTunes, Android Market or Google Play stores, search for ‘docappointments’ and download the FREE App for your iPhone, iPad or Android.

New features on the horizon for DocAppointments

We make every effort to incorporate your individual Practice needs in our software, and it's with your feedback that we continue to develop and add new features to the DocAppointments system.

Some Doctors have suggested they would like an admin feature that would allow them to make all free appointments available online, with one click of the button in the admin screen. We are working with the software providers towards introducing this feature.

Some Practice Managers and Doctors would like to restrict appointments for some of the Doctors, to only patients registered as patients of that particular Doctor. We would value your comments if you think this optional feature would be useful to your Practice.

We welcome your input regarding new features that you would like to have. Please reply to this email with your suggestions.

Keep up-to-date

We don't send out newsletters very often, so why not become a fan of our Facebook page? This enables you to keep updated with all our latest news and developments, as they happen! Click here to become a fan today, or copy/paste "" into your web browser. We look forward to seeing you there!

Australian Doctor app review by Dr Amanda Sheppeard

We were delighted to have our iPhone/iPad app reviewed in the late June 2012 edition of the Australian Doctor magazine.

The feature that Dr Sheppeard highlighted was the new 'My Doctor Appointment' button that gives direct access for patients to their own Doctor. This promotes continuity of care, contributing to better clinical outcomes for the patient and greater satisfaction, and better financial rewards for the Doctor and your Practice.

Practice Manager magazine 

Principal of DocAppointments, Dr Calin Pava, recently had an article featured by the Practice Manager magazine. In his article about core principles, Dr Pava discussed how information technology can be used to increase Practice income, provide new services and reduce staff overloads.

Noteworthy to the article were setting up telehealth appointments with Specialists, online appointments with DocAppointments, and many additional tips for Practice Managers.

To read the article in full, please refer to the Practice Manager magazine (Issue 2, 2012), which is also available on the DocAppointments website – please click here to read the article.

Upcoming: GPCE Brisbane, 14-16 September 2012

We are looking forward to the upcoming GPCE conference in Brisbane, where we officially celebrate the release of the Android app.

You will find us in booth number 1510 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Southbank. We invite you to come along, as well as stop by our booth and enter our competition. We will be presenting the Android app, along with the iPhone and iPad app, and giving live demonstrations of the DocAppointments system.

Also, in conjunction with Best Practice (BP software), Dr Pava will be part of the workshop program presentations.

Please click here for more information about the GPCE in Brisbane.

Or click here to become a fan of our Facebook page and keep updated with a live feed from the conference, as it happens.

That's all from DocAppointments for our Springtime issue.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. We always look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
Calin, Anita, Graham and Josephine


Release of Android App for online Doctor appointments

Saturday, September 01, 2012

DocAppointments are proud to announce the release of our FREE Android phone app. You can download the app from the Android Market or Google Play stores. Search for 'docappointments'.

In March 2012 we released the FREE iPhone/iPad app and already many thousands of people have downloaded the app around Australia.

With the addition of the Android app, approximately 90% of smart phone users are given the ability to make online appointments with their Doctor.

If your Doctor's Practice would like to offer online appointments to patients, please click here to register your interest today.

The Practice Manager Magazine, Issue 2, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Interview and article with Dr Calin Pava of, in The Practice Manager magazine:

"Use information technology to increase practice income, provide new services and reduce staff workload."

The article covers the following tips for Practice Managers:

• Telehealth:
       • Set up of Telehealth system
• Online appointments:
       • Advantages to the Practice and advantages to the patient
       • Tips for Practices


"Australian Doctor" App feature, June 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

We are delighted to have our DocAppointments iPhone/iPad App featured in the 29 June edition of the Australian Doctor magazine, by Amanda Sheppeard:

GPCE Brisbane: 14-16 September, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DocAppointments is looking forward to the upcoming GPCE conference in September (14-16 September, 2012), held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in South Bank.

We will be participating in the exhibition (visit booth number "1510") and this year our very own Dr Calin Pava will be part of the workshop session presentations.

Click here for more information on the GPCE in Brisbane.

More news from us coming soon…

GPCE Sydney, thank you

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thank you for visiting our stand at the Sydney GPCE and for your interest in DocAppointments ... and a big welcome to all our new clients who've signed up already!

We hope that we were able to answer everyone's questions.

If however any questions remain unanswered please click here to contact us for more information.

Yours sincerely,
Anita and Calin Pava
DocAppointments GPCE team

P.S. the French champagne comp will be drawn next week and the winner notified by mail.

Scan our QR code and receive a special offer at the GPCE in Sydney this weekend!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Become a fan on our Facebook page

Thursday, May 17, 2012

We invite you to become a fan of our Facebook page:

You can keep up-to-date with all the action at our booth at the Sydney GPCE conference this weekend.

Drop in and say hello – you will find us at booth D30.

Visit our GPCE booth (D30) at The Dome this weekend, enter the competition and you could win a bottle of French champagne!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

DocAppointments iPhone app, gets media exposure

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The use of the DocAppointments app, enables patients to make appointments 24-hours a day, from their iPhone or iPad, increasing access to their Doctors.

The launch of the app, by the individual surgery, can be a significant FREE promotional event, attracting media attention and increasing a Practice's exposure in the newspaper and television ... just like is has done for the Devonport GP Superclinic in Tasmania.

Article courtesy of The Advocate newspaper:

GPCE Sydney - May 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Sydney General Practitioner Conference & Exhibition (GPCE) is Australia’s premier Primary Healthcare event, offering 40 seminars, 69 hands-on workshops delivered by expert speakers, as well as access to over 140 leading healthcare organisations all in the one location.

This year's event is held over three days in The Dome, at Sydney Showgrounds.

  • Friday 18 May, 8.00am – 5.00pm
  • Saturday 19 May, 8.00am – 5.00pm
  • Sunday 20 May, 8.00am – 5.00pm

Click here for travel, transport, and location details. will be present at the exhibition, with a stand providing information on how you can improve your Practice efficiency, staff and patient satisfaction, and increase your business by using our online, iPad and iPhone appointment system.

A great opportunity to discuss with us in person and register your Practice. 

Click here to locate us at the exhibition. 


Newsletter - March 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012

DocAppointments is proud to announce that the iPhone and iPad app was launched in early March 2012 as planned, and is now available FREE to your patients from the Apple iTunes store.

Open iTunes and search for 'docappointments' and download the app. Or click here:

Download the app on your iPhone or iPad 

Go to Apple iTunes store. Search for 'docappointments' and press 'install' to download the app for FREE.

We've found that on average it takes less than five minutes to download the app, register and make your first appointment.

If you are registered for online appointments already, please use the same credentials for registration on your iPhone or iPad. This ensure's that appointments made via a computer are visible on the iPhone and vice versa.

You can experience the ease of use by using 'demo surgery' on the list of all Doctor surgeries.

Once registered, the first screen allows patients one button access to the schedule of their preferred Doctor. 

Personal details and family members can be easily edited.

Making & cancelling appointments

It takes less than 15-seconds to see available appointments for their Doctor(s) and local Doctor's Practice, within a current calendar month, and make the appointment of their choice with a single click.

Patients receive the same confirmation via email, as they would making an appointment via the website.

The appointments made are displayed in 'red' and can be cancelled with a single click.

Find a Doctor button

This allows for a search of available appointments in a variety of ways, based on a list of Surgeries, iPhone's own location services using 'Current Location', or by viewing a map of Australia and making your selection.


Feedback from Patients so far, indicates that the new app is their preferred option for iPhone and iPad users.


The app integrates with the computer-based DocAppointments system, for both Best Practice and PracSoft practice management software.

Surgeries using DocAppointments systems do not require any updates for their patients to begin making appointments via iPhone and iPad.

Three ways for your Patients to make an appointment

In order to facilitate an introduction of the app to your patients, we can provide you with an appointment card design. These cards can be used in the initial period, until your patients become familiar with the new capacity that your surgery offers.

If you are interested in receiving the design (prepared ready for your local printer) or would like to order the cards for you, please contact us by replying to this email

Best wishes,
The friendly DocAppointments team

Can you recommend a Specialist that provides online consultations?

Please let us know (reply to this email) and we will ask them if they want to be listed on our FREE database…

Newsletter - October 2011

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
In this edition of our newsletter we want to continue giving you tips on how to make most use of your online appointment system.

Our most successful surgery reached over 3,000 registered Users, with an average of over 30 patients per day making appointments online. CONGRATULATIONS!

Strategies for success

The surgeries that are most successful in achieving a high penetration in their patient base are the surgeries that give the responsibility of managing the online appointments to one or two dedicated team members.

From patients surveys in surgeries with high usage of online appointments, we know that patients value the convenience of making the appointments online but even more so the fact that the appointments can be made ON THE DAY or the next day.

We recommend that the staff member responsible for the online appointments monitors the availability on an hourly basis and as soon as an appointment is taken they make another one available. That way, patients are guaranteed to find an online appointment and develop the habit of checking online before ringing the surgery.

A possible way of managing the appointments, was suggested by one of our subscribers:

He makes available online 6 (six) appointments per Doctor, for two months in advance, at different times of the day:


The staff member responsible then monitors the appointments for the following week and if more are necessary they are added immediately.

Once all appointments for a certain Doctor are taken, the receptionist has instructions (depending on the individual Doctor's preference) to move one patient in a “add fit” position (make a double appointment in Best Practice) and make the time slot free for another internet appointment.

Most Doctors will accept seeing five patients per hour so, if managed efficiently, each Doctor could have up to seven appointments that are made available online ON THE DAY.

In a surgery that decides to list six doctors for online appointments, that would be the equivalent of a full time GP that is ADDED to the number of patients regularly seen WITHOUT them having to ring the reception.

Experience shows that for each patient that makes an appointment on the day there are two patients that make the appointments in advance.

Pictured below shows what your patients see, when logged into your appointment system:

This gives your patients a wide range of appointments to choose from, for each Doctor, for up to two months ahead.

We are very interested to hear your comments and ideas … please share your experiences with us.

New project at DocAppointments

We are starting to gather data for our TELE-HEALTH Specialist page. It is our intention to provide a database of Specialists that are offering video consultations. The current Government incentives are very attractive to both GP’s and Specialists, and allow for a new and very useful service to your patients.

One of our subscribers was very successful in establishing a continuous working relationship in Tele-Psychiatry and found that second opinion consultations in Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Medicine are excellent starters.


However our GP’s found that it is very difficult to find the Specialists that are offering online consultations.

Our aim is to provide an easy way to find a specialist that provides online consultations and even to make an online appointment with some of them.

Can you recommend a Specialist that provides online consultations?

Please let us know (reply to this email) and we will ask them if they want to be listed on our FREE database…

Best wishes,
The friendly DocAppointments team

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